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What about an ADO adapter for SharePoint (MOSS / WSS) Lists?

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Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) is quickly becoming a dominate application for storing and maintaining enterprise data and intelligence for organizations of all sizes. This has created a need and opportunity for people who has specialized in data integration and visualization between SharePoint and external applications. In MOSS 2007 there are a few options. You can use Web services to interact with SharePoint lists and other features or use the server object model to extend the capabilities. With MOSS 2010, Microsoft has stepped up by introducing the client object model, making it possible to use the object model remotely. Querying the underlying MOSS SQL server directly is highly unrecommended. Unfortunately, many developers experience that the learning time to be able to rapidly develop applications working with MOSS/WSS is long. The developer often spend a lot of time understanding the MOSS/WSS data structure, naming conventions and data type conversion requirements. The developer also needs to understand the CAML (Collaborative Application Markup Language) syntax used to query lists and views. The code base tends to grow to a size that is not in proportion to the functionality.

So, whats the offer

Camelot .NET Connector for SharePoint is a ADO.NET driver for MOSS and WSS 2007/2010 which enables developers to query MOSS/WSS data using standard SQL language. The connector behaves like any other standard ADO.NET data provider by tranforming your queries to multiple operations sent to a MOSS/WSS Web service and returning the results using standard data types. SPC can be used by any developer with basic SQL knowledge. The following example shows how to create a Connection instance and run a UPDATE query on a list in MOSS/WSS through the Command instance.

Dim connection As New Camelot.SharePointConnector.Data.SharePointConnection("

Dim command As New Camelot.SharePointConnector.Data.SharePointCommand("UPDATE `mytable` SET `mycolumn` = 
'hello world'", connection)

Is it free?

The connector requires a yearly subscription costing 1000€. The other products are free.

Free stuff

We offer a wide range of tools, some examples are

  • Joomla Integration
  • PHP toolkit to handle SharePoint data
  • Cool webparts like a MySQL dump tool for SharePoint lists
  • Query Browser
  • And more...

We are looking for testers

Test the full release for free. The testing periods are limited to a certain date. The current end date for any test version of Bendsoft software is 30th November 2010. Apply at our website, http://www.bendsoft.com/ For more information you can contact us at info@bendsoft.com