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Problems with uComponents Sub Tabs and getting error on GUID 2c787731-cd81-48cd-a94f-4930185bdb58?

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Using uComponents in Umbraco can sometimes misbehave, this error was given to me in Umbraco 4.9 using uComponents 5.0

The error

Could not find a IDataType control matching DataEditorId 2c787731-cd81-48cd-a94f-4930185bdb58 in the controls collection. 

To correct this, check the data type definition in the developer section or ensure that the package/control is installed correctly. This means you are missing a data type from uComponents, in this case the Sub Tabs. This is since Sub Tabs wasn't implemented in 5.0. I use it anyway but that means that I have to do the build myself and put the binaries into the bin folder of umbraco.