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Overriding the default window.prompt using Apprise

I've been using Apprise for quite a long time now, the V2 actually made it harder working with callbacks and similar, hence this post.

Replacing methods in Javascript

Replacing methods in Javascript can be simple, in this example I've replaced the prompt() method

// Replace the prompt with an alert
window.prompt = function() {
    alert("The prompt method is overridden");

Replacing the window.prompt with an apprise call

// Define new prompt method
window.prompt = function(text, callback) {
    // Setup Apprise
    var options = {
        buttons: {
            confirm: {
                text: 'Send',
                action: function(e) {
        input: true

    // Call Apprise
    Apprise(text, options);

// Call the prompt method
prompt("Say something", function(returnValue) {
    // Handle the returnValue here

The dialog


The call and result in a console