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Can't load the EPiServer edit gui in development environment

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I was getting errors like "Error: multipleDefine(…)" and "Uncaught Error: declare: base class is not a callable constructor." in the console. 

The error

Error: multipleDefine(…)
	(anonymous function) @ dojo.js:15
	(anonymous function) @ dojo.js:15
	_9 @ dojo.js:15req.signal 

Error: declare: base class is not a callable constructor.
	err @ dojo.js:15
	_1b3 @ dojo.js:15
	(anonymous function) @ widgets.js:2_c8

Cause and solution

This can be caused by various addons in Visual Studio, the simplest way to solve this is to disable the browser link in Visual Studio

If this doesn't solve the issue. Disable the browser link option and restart Visual Studio.